My super power is to awaken your soul.

I am an amalgamation of cultivation and curation. The faith of my ancestors is in me – the wisdom of the past coupled with the earned wisdom of the living.

Throughout my life I’ve nourished my spirit, body, and mind with poetry and philosophy, science and religion, academia and pop culture. Compassion and Curiosity drive me. Inspiration and Truth guide me.

I live between worlds, forging new paths, bridging cultures, and connecting ideas. My life is the struggle of “the other.”

My work exists at the intersection of intuition and intellect. I play in the gray where uncertainty abounds. Exploring the unsaid and unknown. Always forward and onward.

There is no title for what I do, no field for my zone of genius, no industry for my line of work. But the impact is life changing.

One conversation can change your life.

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