Commitment is sustained by Consistency

It’s the first day of December 2020. CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve made it through almost a whole year of pandemic mayhem, with a side of social turmoil, and a heaping of uncertainty. One thing we’ve learned in these unprecedented times is that a new version of ourselves is required to face our new challenges.

What new version of you do you want to embody in the coming year? How would you like to improve? Will you commit to a better you?

Committing to a better you will require a change of being. When you BE better, you DO better. If you really want to keep your commitment, you must be consistent. Consistency is the key to keeping commitments.

How can you be consistent in your commitments? Have a plan. As the saying goes: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Commitments are kept through persistent consistency in the actions required for the new outcome. Like a seed sprouting roots, you will not notice a lot of growth at first. But as you are consistent in your commitment to yourself, you will begin to notice little signs of growth. Continue being consistent and persistent, and by and by you will see more noticeable results.

There will be days when it will be hard to be consistent. Things will get in the way, and your efforts will feel feeble and ineffective. On those days, remember consistency is about showing up every day rather than putting in maximum effort every day. It is not sustainable to put in maximum effort every day. That’s ok. The showing up every day will increase your ability to sustain maximum effort over time.

Consistency is how you show your Commitment.

Featured Photo by Mark Duffel on Unsplash.






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