Change can get in the way or be the way.

Change is inevitable. It is a constant in the Universe, and it will happen. Change cannot be prevented. Only delayed.

Think back on this year. What changes did you experience? Recall the changes you set as goals and resolutions. Remember the inconvenient and unwanted changes. How sudden they were. Rejoice and be proud of the intentional changes you accomplished. Whatever changes took place in your life this past year, can you see that change has been constant? Even if it felt like nothing was changing, and even if nothing really changed in your circumstances, you changed.

Was all the change necessary? Perhaps not. Sometimes things change because it’s time. Sometimes a condition is met and it sparks the change. Whatever the reason, the best change is needed change. The change that makes you feel better about yourself and about your life.

Needed change can happen in one of two ways:

  1. Forced Change; or
  2. Focused Change

Both types of change are uncomfortable. The difference is forced change feels like a life sentence, while focused change feels like a life liberation.

Forced Change

When forced change is happening, it feels like things are happening to you. You start to believe you don’t control your life, and that you’re the victim of some terrible karma, juju, luck, and fate. You may even curse God or say the fault’s in your stars.

When you want things to stay the same, that’s when change will be forced on you. The more you resist, the more change will persist.

Forced change happens when you resist the flow of life, the change in circumstances, and the timing of things. When you force things, rush them, avoid them, ignore them, procrastinate them, or resist them, you put yourself in a position of forced change. It’s going to happen. You just don’t want to accept it.

Forced change takes away choice, and can lead to regret and resentment.

Focused Change

At the core of focused change is choice. Whether it happens by circumstances out of your control or by your own making, focused change always comes with a choice.

Focused change feels like life is happening for you. Each action and reaction is filled with opportunity and possibility. Your intention recognizes and accepts what must change, and is creactive (creatively active) about it.

Focused change is simultaneously a symphony of circumstances that you direct, and a jazz improvisation that you let happen.

The highest achievements and satisfactions in life come from focused change. In the big things and in the little things, focused change will lead to success.

The winning combo

Change that is needed will always work toward your progress and success. Regardless of whether it’s forced or focused.

The true success lies in being able to harness both forced change and focused change toward your dreams and goals.

It takes practice and intentionality to accept forced change when it happens, and to create focused change when desired. The good news is, regardless of the type of change, forced or focused, if it’s needed change, it will lead to a better you and a better life.

Trust that needed change is leading you to a better tomorrow. Trust that change is working for your benefit. Accept and embrace the change, and soon you’ll find yourself being an agent for change.