It always seems impossible until it’s done. – Nelson Mandela


Step One

Change the word “impossible” to the word “improbable.”

This change in words automatically shifts your focus. You’ve taken the “impossible” with its “never gonna happen” illusion, and brought it to the reality of improbable.

When something is improbable, you’re able to gauge or guess the likelihood of an outcome. Improbability asks: what are the chances?

Step Two

Go from improbable to probable.

Improbable and probable are two sides of the same coin. Thinking of how improbable something is, will naturally lead you to think of how probable it is. While improbability asks “what are the chances this won’t happen?”, probability asks “what are the chances this WILL happen?”

Even the smallest probability means there is a chance.

Step Three

Turn probable into possible.

Once you start to see there is a chance, even if it’s a slight chance, you enter the realm of what is possible. You have the power to act on what is possible. You can work with possible. It is closer and more available than you realize.

Possible is within your reach

One Example

Where seasoned artists saw an impossibility, the 26 year old Michelangelo saw possibility.

Over a span of 40 years, several artists worked on the block of marble that would become the David. Those artists called the block of marble “imperfect” and “impossible” to work with. They eventually gave up.

When Michelangelo saw the block of marble, he saw the possibility of a masterpiece. He focused on what he could do, and worked at it for two years. Once unveiled to the world, the David was instantly recognized as a masterpiece.

Now it’s your turn. Make the impossible possible, and go create your masterpiece.

Featured Photo by Victor Garcia on Unsplash.





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