When you do the thing, you move in the direction of your dreams.


Let’s talk about your dreams and goals for a moment. Think of them and reflect. What is it you really want? Maybe you want to slim down and achieve wellness. Perhaps you want to be debt free or achieve financial independence. Your dream may be to perform in famous opera houses around the world. Whatever your dream or goal, there’s one reason you haven’t achieved it yet.

You haven’t achieved your dream or goal because you haven’t done “the thing.” Each dream or goal has a “thing” that is required. It may be a sacrifice or trade off. Some dreams and goals require the proverbial “10,000 hours.” While others require years of passion and persistence. Often, “the thing” involves private battles and struggles no one knows about.

The thing about “the thing” is that it’s usually made up of smaller and simpler “things.” One thing leads to another thing, and then another and another. Sometimes “the thing” seems completely unrelated to your dream or goal. Other times, “the thing” requires a singular focus and determination. You may have to approach “the thing” from different angles, or knock on the door more than once. “The thing” can shift from moment to moment, so you gotta be flexible and willing to flow with it. Whatever “the thing” is, you must do it.

Now think about your dream or goal again. Ask yourself:

What is the one thing I must do in this moment to achieve my dream or goal?

Write your answer down. Now go. DO THE THING!

Featured Photo by Elena Koycheva on Unsplash.





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