Moments are the building blocks of Life.


The past is meant to be reviewed, not relived. The future is meant to be created, not anticipated.

The past and the future are created in this very moment. You are writing the past and preparing the future right now. Focus on this very moment, improve it, and you will improve the past and the future.

Improving this moment doesn’t take much. The best place to begin is with gratitude. Focus on one thing you can be grateful for right now. With that focus you’ve already begun to improve this moment. Continue to improve the moment through your words and your actions. Choose those words and actions that will fill you with joy. As you do so, you’ve improved the moment again.

Moment after moment is how life is lived, and it’s how life is improved.

When times are excruciating and tough, it can be hard to focus on improving the moment. It’s like experiencing an accident. Your focus and attention is fixed on what happened, on any injuries, on the damage caused. You want to assign blame, scream and protest, and wish it hadn’t happened.

You may feel there is nothing to be grateful for in that moment, or that you don’t have the energy to even try to improve it. And if there’s a beautiful sunset or flower on the scene, you won’t notice them because your awareness is on the accident and it’s surrounding chaos.

When that happens, you can improve the moment by giving in to the moment. Flowing with what is happening instead of resisting it. Improve from resistance to acceptance, and from acceptance to ownership.

Do you want a life full of joy, peace, excitement, fun, and love? Fill this moment with those things…then the next moment, and the next, and so on…and you will create the life you want.

Featured Photo by Iker Urteaga on Unsplash.

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