A life filled with intention and purpose is a thriving life.


Let me tell you about Joseph Anderson.

He is a transformational coach in the personal, business, and relationship areas of life. What he does is provide the ultimate life changing experience. An experience that helps you create the life you want. He’s the “It’s possible!” guy. He helps you believe and see that your dreams and goals are possible and within reach.

Joseph also challenges your thinking and the limiting stories you tell yourself. The ones that keep you from expanding into possibility. He helps you explore those areas that must be cleared before you can make progress. With his guidance, you’re able to zero in on what’s holding you back and keeping you from a life full of joy and purpose.

If you ask Joseph, he’ll tell you he loves helping people come alive. His ability to discern when you light up and you dim is one of his superpowers because it allows him to guide you to those places where you are at your best. When you think you’ve reached your edge, he challenges you to go just a little but further. You then walk into even more possibility.

Joseph will believe in you, cheer you on, challenge you when you need to be challenged, point out things you aren’t even aware of, and he’ll help you heal those parts of you that need healing.

He is someone worth having in your corner.

So why am I telling you all of this? Because Joseph is my coach. All of those things I mentioned above, he’s done them for me. He’s helped me to level up in life, to move into possibility, to expect magic and miracles, and to have the courage to take bold action toward creating my dream life. Thanks to his coaching I am making a greater impact in the world.

Sometimes we’ve butter heads because we have a different approach to things. But even when that’s been the case, it’s been beneficial for me to butt heads with him.

You can live your life on automatic and default, or you can live it with intention and purpose. A life on automatic and default is a life of survival. A life filled with intention and purpose is a thriving life. Creating a thriving life requires you to be more than you’ve been up to this point. Joseph helps you to be more.

When you’re ready to create a thriving life, seek the best help and support available to you. Whether it be a mentor, a spiritual guide or healer, or a life coach like Joseph. My money is on Joseph.

If you’d like to learn more about Joseph and his coaching, check out his website.

Featured Photo by Dan Burton on Unsplash.

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