The limitations you see in yourself are mere mirages.

When a baby elephant has a metal chain and shackle placed around its foot, it resists. It tugs and pulls, and tries to liberate itself from the bond that holds it captive. If the baby elephant remains shackled long enough, it eventually will stop struggling. It gives up.

As the elephant becomes an adult and is bigger and stronger, it remembers being held captive, tethered, and “stuck”. Having given up in its infancy, it no longer fights being tied down as an adult. Even if the elephant is tied with a shoe string, it will stop dead in its tracks once it feels the slightest tug. This is called learned helplessness.

Long ago the elephant learned that it was helpless to change a circumstance (being tied down with a metal chain and shackle). But it didn’t learn to discern that it was helpless at that time in that particular circumstance. It only generalized its condition and formed the belief that the present condition was true all the time. So when it grows into a powerful adult, it still holds the infant belief that it is powerless and unable to change its circumstances. Even though the circumstances would be much easier to change.

We often act like the elephant. We experience something early on in life that we internalize as a perpetual reality, and we give up. We give into the condition that existed at the time, and we mistakenly form the belief that the circumstance will continue forever, and that we are powerless to change it.

But it’s just not true. If we can become aware of how powerful we are and how capable we are to change our circumstances, then we will not be held captive by limiting beliefs, fear, anxiety, doubts, failure, setbacks, or any other negative circumstance we may experience in life.

You can unlearn helplessness. You can awaken to your capabilities and be able to change and adapt to whatever comes your way. Unlike the elephant, you can become aware of the shoestring that is keeping you stuck, and you can easily break free from its hold. The only thing that holds you back is your own belief.

If you can change your beliefs, you can develop the power to create a new reality for yourself. One where you are powerful and capable. You can break free from what’s been holding you back, and create the life you wish to live. You can be and do what is most fulfilling for you!





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