Just above the surface of life is joy, love, and magic.

Most of the time we glide over the surface of the river of life. We go about our day immersed in “the thick of thin things.”

But if you just raise your awareness a little bit, you’ll see that joy, love, and magic are around rise all around you, like mist above the water.

The way to raise your awareness is to slow down and become present to the scene before you. You can also raise your awareness by actively observing rather than passively experiencing life.

Notice small glimpses of light and energy, and soon your awareness will sharpen to the mist above the water. You’ll connect longer and more deeply to the exquisite experiences in ordinary life. You will become more discerning and appreciate the little things more.

The result is that you will be more grateful and fulfilled in life.

Featured Photo by Ian Cumming on Unsplash.

Check out the video below to see the scene that inspired today’s post.





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