If you focus on who, the how will take care of itself.
When clients express a desire for a certain outcome or goal, they inevitably ask: “how do I do this?”
We ask how when we can see the gap between where we are and where we want to be. Our brain tries to figure out how to close that gap. It’s important to see even just the next step forward. That gives us hope. It shows us that we can move rather than be stuck.
What’s more important though is: who must you be to move forward?
Who you are right now got you to where you are. But to close the gap and get result you want, you must become a version of yourself that knows how to close the gap and will do it.
The you who is resilient, imaginative, curious, bold, daring, and courageous; that’s who will know how to close the gap and move forward.
Also, there is a good chance that someone can point out the path, suggest a strategy, or even lend a hand. And when you allow those people to help, you make greater and quicker progress than you would on your own.
I feel that I have thrived here, not because of who I am, but because of who I’ve come to know.
If you identify who you must be to meet this new challenge, who you’d like to work with, who you need to talk with, who will you ask for help, and who will believe in you; then the how will reveal itself.
And if you’re still wondering: how can I do this? How can I close the gap and get the result I want? Then answer this question: Who would make this challenge more fun? If you find that person who would make it fun, you’ll find your how.

Photo by Jared Sluyter on Unsplash





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