What you really want is already resonating in your heart. You just have to listen.

You also require the courage to follow the sound, and to reach for the desire in your heart. Too often, the heart’s call goes unanswered because we doubt or we are too afraid.

Often, our gremlin thoughts wreak havoc and short circuit our desires with thoughts of failure, rejection, or seemingly impossibilities. Our gremlin thoughts can create a fog so dense, we lose our bearings and sense of direction. They can also shriek loudly enough so as to drown out the song of the heart.

How can you quiet the gremlin thoughts? How can you ignore their distracting shrieks of confusion, doubt, fear, and limitation?

Go to the heart. Remain in the heart of the matter. Deep, relaxed breathing helps to refocus on the heart. Ice baths and cold showers help to refocus the mind and clear the gremlin thoughts. Music that feels good to your body will help you realign with your heart’s song. Physical activity (walking, playing sports, exercising, physical touch of a loved one) helps to re-center on the heart. Spending time in nature helps us to ground ourselves, and come back to the heart of the matter.

Over the last few months I’ve been blessed to receive the ultimate coaching experience from Joseph Anderson. He’s a world class personal, business, and relationship coach. Joseph’s clients include actors, musicians, and entrepreneurs. Each client achieves phenomenal results thanks to Joseph’s ability to get to the heart of the matter.

Recently he pointed out to me that when I get to the heart of the matter, I’m quick and decisive. And when I don’t, I get all “lawyerly” and come up with all sorts of reasons and explanations for things.

Joseph’s insight helped me understand myself better. It also shed light on the fact that I keep myself from my desires when I’m too much in my head. If I want the outcomes I desire, I must follow my heart.

The heart of the matter is to stay in your heart. That’s where you’ll find all the things that matter.

Featured image by Fadi Xd at Unsplash.





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