Those are the things that have the greatest impact.

The things that stick with us are the little things. Little moments that slip past in an instant. Glances. Comments. Hugs. Kisses. Smiles.

Also in the negative. It’s the little things that irritate us the most. The quirks and idiosyncrasies of others. When a person misspells or misuses a word. How someone breaths.

If we would value and savor the beautiful little moments, and if we would let the irritating little flaws in life flow by us, then life would be the greatest gift we will ever receive.

The challenge is to not get lost in the seemingly big things of every day life. Because the truth is, those seemingly big things really aren’t that big at all.

Focus on the small thing. Appreciate and be grateful for the positive. Learn from and let go of the negative.

Image by Toni Cuenca at Unsplash.





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