You’re still making progress.

So much of your life is focused on future events. When you were a kid, you focused on the next time you could play. When you were in school, you focused on the next test or the next grade.

As an adult you focus on the weekend, the next raise, the next vacation, the next remodel or big purchase.

This future focus conditions you to live in a perpetual state of anticipation. And when you’re not moving toward that future, you feel like you’re not making progress.

The truth is, even when you’re not moving toward an unrealized future, you’re still making progress. If you focus on the present, you will notice that there is so much room for growth, for being, and for doing.

There are people, actions, and issues right now that require your attention. Trade your anticipation of an unpromised future for the actuality of the now.

If you feel like you’re not moving forward, or if you feel like you’re stuck, ask yourself:

“What is the smallest action I can take right now that will help me grow and progress?”

Then sit in silence. Take deep breaths. Close your eyes if you have to. And listen. Listen to your heart. Listen to what feeling come up. Listen until you settle on stillness. In the stillness you’ll hear the answer.

Once you have the answer, go and do it. It may surprise you how a simple action can move you forward in a big way. Then repeat the process. Always focusing on the immediate now.

Featured photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash.





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