Listen to your heart. It knows.

Have you ever felt torn between two choices? Or gone back and forth between choices, in an endless figure eight, and drive yourself (and friends and family) crazy?

When you feel that way, it’s usually because the two choices are seemingly equal in value and merit. Both choices attract you for valid reasons.

Part of what gets you caught in the seesaw between choices is fear. Fear of making the wrong choice or making a mistake. Fear of missing out on something. Fear of regretting your choice. The fear creates doubt. With doubt comes uncertainty. With uncertainty comes even more fear.

That fear tosses you back and forth between the choices. It causes you to sit, and stew, and brew, and try to “figure it out.” You go back and forth like a ping pong ball. One moment you feel good and peaceful about one choice, and then you feel fearful. So you move toward the other choice, begin to feel good and peaceful, and then fear creeps in again, and you start the whole thing over.

So how do you decide what you really want? How can you know for sure?

Listen to your heart. It knows.

Your heart knows what you truly want in life. It will point the way towards those people, places, experiences, and things that you absolutely must have in your life. The things you cannot live without.

Put the choices on the scale

In the television show Boy Meets World, Cory Matthews loves Topanga Lawrence and wants to be with her. But in the fifth season of the show, Cory meets a girl named Lauren. He finds himself attracted to her, and enjoys her company. He even develops feelings for Lauren. This confuses Cory and he doesn’t know what to do.

With the help of his best friend Shawn, Cory uses a scale and jellybeans to decide what he really wants: does he want to be with Topanga or does he want to be with Lauren?

This is what happens:

If you’re faced with a tough choice and can’t decide what you want, put the choices on the scale. When you do, it’ll become clear what choice is the most important one to you.

Photo by Greg Jeanneau on Unsplash





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