Your Body is the vehicle through which Spirit and Mind accomplish their remarkable work. You express yourself and experience life through this vehicle. But if you don’t own that vehicle, you won’t get very far.

Remember your first car? Remember the feelings of freedom and joy when you first held the keys in your hand? Remember how proud you were of that car? It didn’t matter how old or how beat up it was. It was YOUR car.

You must have that same sense of ownership of your body. 

If you don’t feel like you own your body, diet and exercise are ineffective. No amount of therapy or medication can bring about healing and wholeness without body ownership.

Remember: you are not your body.

Just as you are not your first car. Both are things which you can own and use to serve you. 

Body ownership requires sensory awareness, so you can tell when things have shifted within you, and when you must adjust accordingly. When you own your body, you’re grateful for it and you love it. No matter what shape it’s in. 

Even if it breaks down.

Thank You For Reading!

Everything I write is with the goal of helping others. If you thought of someone while reading this post, please share it with them. It might help them out. 

If you struggle to own your body and would like to learn how to do it, please visit my website for more information.

(Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash)






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