But what are we creating? Heaven or Hell?

We live in the most abundant age in the history of the world, and yet we face a spiritual deficit.

The current conditions around the world are manifestations of our collective spirituality.

Injustice, hate, violence, hostility, dishonesty, and fear, are all symptoms of the condition of our spirit, body, and mind.

The responsibility falls squarely on each of us. Not on religion, or government, or science, or culture.

I take responsibility for the world I’m living in, and the world I’m creating for future generations.

I choose to rise up spiritually.

I choose to be better every day.

I choose to be more kind, more compassionate, more just, more truthful, more loving, more patient, more humble, more grateful, more honorable, more peaceful, more playful, more joyful.

Together we can create a world where we are all pure in heart.

Will you join me?


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