Healed and Whole

She was crying. I didn’t have to ask how she felt. Her tears showed it. 

She wasn’t crying tears of sadness or pain. She was crying tears of relief.

Decades of repressed emotions were being released. Each tear washing away pain, anger, frustration, fear, disappointment. 

After a while, her tight quivering jaw softened. Her breathing slowed, Her shoulders relaxed. When the tears finally stopped, she sighed, and all she could say was:

I feel healed.

And then the tears of joy came.

The snippet you just read happened a couple of days ago during a coaching sessions with a client. And it was repeated with several other clients during the past week. 

I share this with you because many people still don’t know what a life coach does.


I get asked this question a lot. Because life coaching is a relatively new profession, most people aren’t as familiar with it as they are with other professions such as nurse, teacher, lawyer, etc.

Whenever I tell people I’m a life coach, the most common reactions I receive are:

  • Curiosity. Some wonder if it’s like therapy or counseling. 
  • Cynicism: Some will ask: “What? You teach people how not to suck at life?”
  • Confusion. Some immediately go into a blank stare when they hear the title “life coach” because it’s a foreign concept and it just doesn’t register in their heart or their mind.

While different coaches focus on different things and use different methods, the best coaches achieve two major results for their clients:

  1. Healing
  2. Wholeness

When a client feels healed and whole, she shows up in her life and relationships in a powerful way, making life happen instead of waiting for life to happen. She remembers who she truly is, manifests her purpose in life. and lives inspired.


Whenever a negative energy or condition turns into a positive one, that is a healing.

It is a miracle and a wonder that our bodies can heal without any conscious thought from us. Who knows how many different ailments, maladies, diseases or otherwise, are naturally transformed from negatives into positives without us even realizing it.

Sometimes though, our body needs outside help. It may be in the form of an over the counter medicine, the trained skill of a medical professional, or the gifts of a spiritual healer like myself.

And it’s not just the body that require outside help every once in a while. The spirit and mind also need help. A spirit burdened with guilt or shame or pride, will affect the body and mind. A mind fixated on the past or worried about the future, will affect the spirit and the body.

Once healing happens in spirit, body, and mind, then wholeness can begin.


Being whole means to be at one with Self, Others,and God (the Universe).

In wholeness, Love is the expression; Gratitude and Appreciation are the overall attitudes.

In a world where competition seems like the natural order of things, it may seem impossible to be one with anything or anyone, including our own selves.

The truth is, as we become at one with everything, we realize there is no competition. Only existence. And in existence, things are free to come and go, to transform, to be who or what they truly are and always have been.

At times, this brings us to some seemingly irreconcilable differences. Things that appear to contradict each other (e.g., religion and science), and to which there is no available answer as of yet.

That’s ok. Wholeness doesn’t require a perfect knowledge and understanding of everything. All it needs is an ability to hold space for the known and the unknown, the light and the shadow, the positive and the negative. When this space exists, wholeness flourishes.


I appreciate you taking the time to read my thoughts and feelings on Coaching, Healing, and Wholeness. If you believe this will benefit a family member or friend, please share it with them.

If you or someone you know is in need of healing or wholeness, contact me. I will be happy help in any way I can.





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