Why Your New Year Resolutions Don’t Stick

It’s January 1st. 

A new year. 

 You have a fresh batch of 365 days, and you are not going to waste a single one. You are going to make the days count. You made resolutions and you are determined to keep them.

This is you:


On day one you are so motivated, you know you’re going to keep the resolutions come hell or high water. 

 On day two you realize it’s going to be a bit more difficult than you imagined, but hey, you have grit and you will endure. 

 On day three the bargaining begins. You really do mean to keep your resolutions, and if you were perfect you’d keep them perfectly. But you’re not perfect, so it’s ok if you miss the mark here or there. 

 Days four and five are when you renew your commitment to yourself. You will keep your resolutions. Especially since you’ve figured out all the possible ways to cut corners, bend the rules, make compromises, and still accomplish your resolutions. 

Day six…Daaaay…Six. You know…resolutions are kinda silly anyway. You can set and not accomplish goals any time you want. So why stress about not accomplishing a goal now? 

Day seven…


Forget it! You made it through last year without accomplishing your resolutions. Why should this year be any different?

 And another year goes by, and you still don’t reach your goals. 

 But you had every intention of keeping your resolutions! Why didn’t you stick to it? Because you tried to change behavior without changing you.

That’s like a caterpillar trying to go from crawling to flying without changing into a butterfly. It’s never going to happen!

Lasting Change

Most resolutions are outcomes that require a change in behavior: losing weight, earning more money, making new friends, traveling more, etc. But change in behavior doesn’t just happen when you start doing something different, and you write it down, and you send it out to the universe, and you have an accountability buddy. 

No. Change in behavior happens when your Soul shifts.

Lasting change in behavior requires a Soul shift from who you are right at this moment, to who you want to be. This Soul shift involves a change of Spirit, Body, and Mind. 

Your spirit must see and choose something different. It must believe there exist a version of you who behaves in harmony with your desired outcome. 

Your body must feel and taste the outcome. It must hum with the energy of being that outcome! 

Your mind must use language that is congruent with this new version of you. It must understand that the new you is real, and not an impostor pretending to be something you’re not.

When you experience a Soul shift, then your behavior changes. And then you will stick to your resolutions.

Thank You

I am grateful to you for reading this post. Check out the other posts in the blog, and please leave a comment or share a post with a friend.

If you would like to make a Soul shift that leads to sustainable new year’s resolutions, contact me for guidance and help.


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