The Last Six Days of the Year

After Christmas, once all the presents are opened, and empty boxes are stacked high, and wrapping paper litters the floor, and all have a good night…our attention turns to the New Year.

And if we’re not mindful, we miss out on the final gift of the season: the last six days of the year.

These last six days are the perfect time to reflect on blessings and gifts received all year. They can be a time for reviewing lessons learned and challenges met. The last six days of the year can be a sacred time and space in which intentions and plans are set for the new year.

My personal practice during this period is to reflect and review on the first three days. From December 26 through 28, I review my journals and electronic notes, and outline the things that stand out. This one ritual helps to reinforce or recall lessons learned, it sharpens the memory of moments past, and highlights patterns repeated throughout the year.

By the end of December 28, I am filled with gratitude for everything that happened in the year, I have a greater sense of clarity and purpose, and in this state of gratitude I am ready to set intentions and make plans for the new year.

I begin on December 29 by reviewing my life mission. In doing so, I find that everything in the last year helped me to be better aligned with the mission. This greater alignment to my mission makes it easier to set my intentions for the new year. 

Now that I’m filled with gratitude and clarity, more aligned with my mission, and focused on my intentions, I’m ready to plan my desired outcomes for the new year. 

The last two days of the year (December 30 and 31) is when I plan. I begin with the end in mind, and focus on how each outcome will further my life mission. I visualize how I will feel when the outcome is reached, and when I can actually feel the excitement and satisfaction of achievement in my body, then and only then do I write down the outcome. 

After writing down the desired outcomes, I make a bullet point list of those outcomes, and put that list as the lock screen image on my phone. This ensures that I constantly see my desired outcomes every day, and keeps me on track throughout the year. 

There you have it. This is how you can make the last six days of the year count.





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