A couple of days ago I reflected on all the good things that happened in my life during 2016. I had a quick snapshot of lessons learned, achievements reached, and relationships strengthened. I saw growth, and meaningful moments, and laughter. I was filled with gratitude, love, and profound contentment. Then it hit me.


I am rich in love.

I am rich in faith.

I am rich in hope.

I am rich in relationships.

I am rich in wisdom.

I am rich in purpose.

I am rich in service.

I am rich in Spirit.

I am rich in peace.

I am rich in joy.

Oh I’ve had my share of setbacks, mistakes, heartbreak, and disappointments. I’ve struggled, and stumbled, and sunk. 

Do I have a lot of money in the bank? Not yet.

Thankfully, I have more today than I did yesterday.

Am I making my journey alongside the love of my life? Not yet.

Journeys take preparation. We’ll come together when we’re both ready.

Have I made a lasting contribution to humanity? Not yet.

I do make daily contributions in the lives of the ones I love.

Truly Rich

The world likes to define rich as being famous and having a gazillion dollars. Those who follow this line of thinking are never happy because they always want more. Every increase, every achievement, every “success” is more empty than the previous one. Until finally, life is hollow and meaningless.

The truly rich enjoy the present because to them it is a gift. Life makes them rich in connection, not possession. They are abundant in collaboration rather than competition. Giving and receiving replaces taking and expecting. Loving appreciation overcomes judgmental rejection.

If you desire to be truly rich, your heart must open wide to Life and the Universe. Only then will you be ready to receive all that Life and the Universe want to give.





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