The 3 Gs of Service

Service is one of the most powerful ways to connect with others. The human spirit needs connection. It is driven to reach out and be part of something bigger than itself.

So if you feel like connecting with someone, go serve them!

Besides being able to connect, here are three other reasons for serving others.

1. Gratitude

Those who serve best do so from a deep sense of gratitude. They recognize that serving others is a way of acknowledging the immediate goodness of God and his abundant blessings. The gratitude they feel translates into a desire to be of service to others, and to help wherever possible. Their motto is: “Because I have been given much, I too must give…Thus shall my thanks be thanks indeed.”

2. God’s Love

A person’s secret prayer is usually answered through the service of others. Those acts of service become a demonstration of God’s love. Especially when the need is great, and the prayers have been earnest.

When you are the instrument of service, you also feel God’s love for you. No matter how weak or unworthy you feel, if God uses you to answer the prayer of another, He obviously believes in you and trusts you enough for that service.

3. Growth

One of the rewards for selfless service is growth. Growth in the person being served, growth in the one serving, and growth in the community at large.

When you serve or receive service, everybody wins. When everybody wins, we become better, stronger, united. This is how the human family grows.

Go Serve!

You want to show gratitude? Go serve!

You want to witness God’s love? Go serve!

You want to grow and help another grow? Go serve!





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