Is your BUT getting in the way?

A “but” mindset interrupts your desires and ideas. It stops creativity dead in its tracks.

The word “but” interrupts anything that was said before, completely negates it, and sends a signal to your brain that the important information is what comes after “but.”

For example:

I want to travel…BUT I don’t have money.

I want to write a novel…BUT I have writer’s block.

I want to get in shape…BUUUUT I never have time to exercise.

Do you see how the “BUT” completely interrupts the fist part and leaves you hanging with the last piece of information?


Don’t let “BUT” get in the way. Switch it to “AND” instead. The word “and” brings everything together, challenging you to make choices when contradictory ideas are juxtaposed. Observe:

I want to travel AND I don’t have money.

Ok, so what are you going to do about it?

I want to write a novel AND I have writer’s block.

Ok, how will you get past the block?

I want to get in shape AND I never have time to exercise.

Ok, when will you make time?

“AND” keeps you moving forward. It empowers you to take control of each situation, AND puts you in a more creative state. *see what I did there?*

Let “AND” become your new superpower. You’ll be amazed at how much this one little change will affect the way you feel, think, and act.





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