All turmoil dies,
once the storm is past.
An overturned ocean
turns to liquid glass.
The empty canvas
of blue sky
stretches ever wide.

Once safe aboard
an unfailing ship,
a castaway now
clings to a
fragile skiff.
And the internal
storm begins.

Doubt clouds the
Minds’ firmament,
waves of Despair
toss the Heart
to and fro,
threatening to swallow
Hope whole.
Kraken–like Fear
seizes Faith with
its many arms,
and crushes it.
Confusion flashes and
thunders in a
disorienting cacophony.

Tempestuous chaos rages
internal, without perturbing
the calm external.
Doubly adrift, lacking
anchor or direction,
the castaway waits
for death or rescue.

Life’s turmoil strands
and shipwrecks everyone.
Making secret castaways
of us all.
Still, castaways can
become lifelines cast
to rescue others.






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