Your New Favorite Player Just Made the NBA
Sam Laird,

Every once in a while, a sports story comes along that’s so inspir­ing — so improb­a­ble and such an incred­i­ble tes­ta­ment to the poten­tial of human will — that what­ev­er game the main char­ac­ter plays ceas­es to mat­ter at all.


The story of Jorge Gutierrez and his hoop dream is an inspiration.

Struggling to live with other undocumented ball-playing teens, Gutierrez was under-nourished and developed an iron deficiency and anemia. In one summer-league game, Gutierrez’s right (and favored shooting) hand “turned blue” and became virtually useless. He scored 18 points left-handed.

I can’t wait to buy his jersey. Read on.





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