Discover your inner MVP. Create a mission and vision worth living.



“I’ve never met anyone who cares as deeply as Limhi. His loving guidance helped me transition from a dead end job I hated to my dream job.”

– Magda S.

“I used to self sabotage a lot. Limhi saved me from myself. Now I’m happily married, fulfilled in life, and building my biggest dreams.”

– Jake M.

“I lived through 13 years of abuse. Limhi helped me heal in 5 minutes! I’ve never been more at peace, or felt so whole. Thank you Limhi!”

– Anjane B.

Your inner MVP is the voice of your soul, the compass of your destiny, and the artist of your life. embody it and make your life an epic legacy.


My mission is to help you be the MVP of your life.

Your inner MVP knows what you need emotionally, mentally, spiritually, professionally, or in your relationships. Think of me as your guide. I help you tune in to your inner MVP so you can harness your creativity and imagination, identify what action is needed, and craft your desired outcomes.

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